DVD. 7' 52''. Edición 20.

"CHAIR", 2006.
Fotografía sobre aluminio. 55 x 63.5 cms. Edición 3.

Solo exhibition at Madrid Fúcares Gallery.
From June 8 to July 22, 2006.

For the past ten years, my sculpture, installations and video works have in one way or another investigated the “nature” of architecture and its everyday objects. I have been particularly interested in investigating the rational and pragmatic attitudes these spaces and objects embody. Ordinary features of architecture (like a wall or a floor) or familiar pieces of furniture (like a chair or a bookshelf) have become the sites for my sculptural interventions. I am interested in the possibility of interacting with them under different terms: as places of intensity or sites where the pleasurable, the wondrous, or the unnerving might be manifested – where quirky, idiosyncratic, humorous, fantastic representations might have moment.

I have been drawn to the built environment as a starting point because of its status as a literal thing coded with the philosophical, aesthetic and social values of our time. Increasingly, the terms by which the built environment are negotiated reflect the homogeneity and sterility of global, capitalist production where the fast, the cheap and the disposable are glorified as a one size fits all mentality. I am interested in design in so far as it suggests a tangible proposal that intersects with everyday objects. I use functional objects in part because they cannot be asked to go away; they are always invited and recognized they serve as a “Trojan Horse” - a vehicle from which to propose some other possibility. In my sculptural practice, the assumption about the everyday (and by extrapolation the “real thing” or “real structure”) might shift to operate under different terms – impractical, psychological, social, kinesthetic, expressive etc. At heart, it is a desire that the polemical possibility of a social directive be indistinguishable from the poetic desire of the imaginative. That art might inform the consciousness of the everyday, the “real”.

Two related bodies of work will be shown together for the first time at Galeria Fucares. The first body of work is sculptural performances that take the form of the videos and video stills. These works use real elements from the built environment as a vehicle to explore social or psychic narratives. In the other body of work, domestic objects serve as inspiration to make fantastic, fictional, sculptural surrogates. Transforming common everyday building materials to create sculpture that vacillates between fantastic representations and unconventional, material presence. These pieces embody a way of making that is highly personal, idiosyncratic and subjective. In each body of work, the built environment is repositioned to reveal some other tendency or desire.

M. O'Malley. May 2006.

"CHAIR 3", 2006.
Fotografía sobre aluminio. 55 x 63.5 cms. Edición 3.

DVD. 4' 75''. Edición 20.

"CHAIR 2", 2006.
Fotografía sobre aluminio. 55 x 63.5 cms. Edición 3.

"WALL SERIES", 2001.
DVD. 6' 53''. Edición 20.

"WALL", 2006.
Fotografía sobre aluminio. 84,5 x 45 cms. Edición 3.

"WALL", 2006.
Fotografía sobre aluminio. 84.5 x 45 cms. Edición de 3.

93.5 x 72 x 75 cms.



"ONCE AGAIN", 2006.
67 x 48 cms.

"SPRAWL II", 2006.
86 x 380 x 268 cms.