"Zoo's Days".
Solo show at Madrid Fúcares Gallery.
From February 13 to March 20 2004.

Zoo is seven years old and struggling with perishability. He is conscious that he breathes, that he is made of organic matter, like a flower or a snowflake. Last winter we built a two-meter tall snow tower and Zoo didn't want to leave it knowing that it would melt. He mourned the tower for days. He asked me to photograph it and cut-it out so he would be sure to remember it. Memory is the sense of loss, and Zoo's losses pull him after it. Zoo's Bones is a piece that remembers this incident.

All of the photos in the show were taken last April when Zoo came into my studio naked and climbed onto my work table and asked me to photograph him. I know that he was jealous because I was working on a portrait of my daughter at the time. I took a few snapshots of him. You can see the portrait of my daughter in the background of Flower Zoo . She is firmly grounded in the photo, while Zoo seems part ghost part human. For Zoo on a Snowy Day I incised snowflakes into his torso and held the piece together with small pieces of tape that makes it look like it is snowing through his body. If you remove the tape Zoo, like a snowflake, would melt away.

The two large scale works Zoo Breathing In and Zoo Breathing Out are, like the other pieces, about the precariousness of Zoo's body, although in this case I focus on something essential but invisible, his breath. Only on a very cold day could we see it. So I pretend that it is that cold day in winter and I am looking closely at his breath and I see shades of color and distorted flowers and I see how he breathes life in and out, in and out, all the time. And I see how he is all the colors of the spectrum.

Maggie Cardelus.